This online magazine features news stories and opinions regarding research and innovation within the European Union.

It looks at projects funded by the European Commission, focusing on research which impacts upon citizens’ lives and contributes to the EU goals of smart and sustainable growth.


From deadly toxins to life-saving drugs – how scientists are harnessing the power of venom, 6 July 2015
Hi-tech bed linen helps patients and carers sleep easy, 23 April 2015
Electronic noses could help sniff out disease, 4 February 2015
The antifreeze fish teaching us about cryopreservation, 27 October 2014
Artificial sweeteners linked to elevated blood sugar levels, heart disease and strokes, 17 September 2014
Could a smart mirror save your life? 20 August 2014
Bracelet helps blind children ‘hear’ the world, 13 August 2014
Virtual reality helps stroke victims walk again, 18 June 2014

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