Published by Quercus

Released 22 February 2018


Your perfect afterlife, or a living nightmare?

You are going to die. You can preserve a handful of special memories for ever. Which ones would you choose?
True death is a thing of the past. Now you can spend the rest of eternity re-living your happiest memories: that first kiss, falling in love, the birth of your children, enjoyed on loop for ever and ever.
Isobel is a Heaven Architect, and she helps dying people create these afterlives. So when she falls for Jarek, one of her terminal – and married – clients, she knows that while she cannot save him, she can create the most beautiful of heavens, just for him.
But when Jarek becomes the prime suspect in a murder that took place before his death, Isobel has to fight to clear his name. The search leads her to a darker side of the world she works within, and she can trust no one with what she finds.

A genuinely captivating story with a dark heart and an intricately drawn world not that far from our own.
— Liz Loves Books
I’m sure The Memory Chamber’s brilliant storyline will feature in my dreams, and possibily, scarily, even in my future.
— Debra Brown